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View Diary: Stung by plagiarism charges, Rand Paul moves his column to a seedier outlet (71 comments)

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  •  Fairly surprised at the level of RP hatred here (0+ / 0-)

    I would have thought that a ton of Kossacks would be supportive of him. He is THE leader in congress when it comes to both civil liberties and anti-war efforts. Those are two huge progressive issues.

    I really can't understand how any progressive could have more love for Feinstein or Reid than for Rand Paul.

    •  because he's nuts and unethical (1+ / 0-)
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      Woodrow Stool

      and the libertarian streak that overlaps with progressive interests is, in his case, so mixed in with right-wing baloney that we don't want anything to do with it. I do know people who voted for his father for Pres, largely because he favors legalizing marijuana (or so it was said).

      He isn't a leader on anything right now. When was the last time he led anything on either civil liberties or anti-war? He votes however Ted Cruz and McConnell and the Koch Brothers tell him to. That's not leadership. And plagiarizing your books and articles certainly isn't either.

      •  this year (0+ / 0-)

        he forced the government to acknowledge that they are not allowed to murder americans without trial. thats huge. of course, the government is probably lying about this, but at least they had to lie.

        this year, he was one of the few opposition voices against war in syria (while most of the GOP establishment was in fact pushing obama towards war).

        regarding plagiarism: i dont really believe it exists outside of academia, and even there i believe it is overused. for example, i do not believe publishing companies own my work (which was done by me and paid for by the taxpayers) just because they printed it. i routinely make fun of anyone who tries to tell me that using my own work without a publishing house's permission is "auto-plagiarism". most of that stuff is just BS.

        •  You must have missed Rand's Close Encounter (0+ / 0-)

          with the TSA, in which his self-described outrage was NOT picked up by an airport security camera.

          He's a posturing FAKE.

          •  so.... what were you hoping he would do here? (0+ / 0-)

            get himself arrested?

            this has to be the single most vapid fake "scandal" i have yet to see in politics.

            •  Paul told the press he was 'outraged' because (0+ / 0-)

              he wasn't allowed to bypass TSA procedure, except he wasn't upset at all as caught on camera.  
              He also self-certifies himself as an opthamologist.
              Rand the FAKER hasn't an honest bone in his body.
              I've noticed that libertarians are more gullible than most people as they believe in arrant nonsense like "liberty", the "free markets", gold scams, bitcoin, objectivism.

              •  yikes, you sound like a 90's era clinton hater (0+ / 0-)

                grasping at all sorts of bizarre unconnected straws one after the other. i am completely unaware of ophthalmology-gate and to be honest i wont bother to look into it.

                saw the video - he looks EXACTLY like i look when i'm outraged. is that really what this "scandal" is about? that he does not "look" outraged to you? again - this has to be the most stupid and vapid thing i have heard in politics yet.

                finally - what could any progressive possibly have against bitcoin?? just boggles the mind.

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