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View Diary: Is posting cached links to unpublished/deleted diaries acceptable behavior at Daily Kos? (292 comments)

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  •  Speaking of courage, ethics, and truthfulness, now (2+ / 5-)

    let's please try to keep it real, okay?  Here's what you wrote:

    No problem with "balls" when you are referring to (3+ / 0-)
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    Hey338Too, mskitty, serendipityisabitch

    someone's actual testicles (or metaphoric ones) - the comment above was talking about Ray in particular. You may be thinking of the opposition some have to using "balls" as a metaphor for courage. That is because that usage implies that women lack courage.

    Other idiomatic uses of "balls" that would be fine are "Balls!" as an expletive of dismissal or "all balled up" for a confused situation (not sure about the origin of that one), or "have by the balls" for putting someone in a tight spot.

    Again, I can't use the word dishonesty here since there is a double-standard and I've been jumped on before, but I will clearly say that when you claim that you never made any mention of any of my body parts, that is patently, and demonstrably untrue.

    Also, why were you or anybody else in this thread felt that referring to my balls/testicles was relevant to the discussion at hand?

    It is you who felt so inclined to make the highly offensive, low-brow comment.

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