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View Diary: Virginia, New Jersey, and 2016: is the tea party breaking? (104 comments)

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  •  re: Paul & Cruz following their... AND LOSING. (6+ / 0-)

    Not sure the pt of your comment, other than it seems to be yet another in the long meta-crapfest that is the 'true progressives' vs. Kos (as in mission statement = Democrats).

    If Strom were the 60th D vote for cloture in the Senate, I don't care how he votes on the merits.  See, Manchin.  If you do not have power, you have nothing but hot air which won't do diddly to enact your agenda. See, US House of Representatives

    Since we don't get to select the candidates for other folks, Ds get what they get.  I'll take reliable D votes, even if some are blue dogs, if that's the only way to get the Speakership and thus D bills to the frakking floor. (Or break McTurtles F---America caucus' obstruction).  Remember, the Congress was D from 2009-2010 and the stim, Ledbetter, ACA etc passed b/c of blue dog votes.

    Yes, they then turned a 2010 loss (due primarily to economic conditions, and yes that was partly their fault bc of undermining the stim size) into a route bc they convinced Ds not fight as D, but the primary electoral victims of that were the blue dogs themselves (who are pretty much extinct in the present caucus).  But for gerrymandering (due mostly to loses at the local not Congressional level and not the blue dogs fault) and SCOTUS gutting the VRA going forward, we'd be poised to retake the House with a more liberal and united D caucus.  

    As frustrating as it is at times, these are truths that must be understood unless liberal Ds just want to become a noisy but ultimately irrelevant rump.

    •  However (0+ / 0-)

      Your point is well taken on a 60th vote.  However, Strom would not have been your 60th cloture vote.  He would only have occupied a space that could have been filled with a real Democrat.  

      The Tea Party folks view centrist Republicans as being much worse than many people here view blue dog Democrats.

      Restore the Fourth! Save America!

      by phillies on Mon Nov 11, 2013 at 08:38:29 AM PST

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      •  Yeah, which is why 'if' (tho I think he actaully (0+ / 0-)

        did help Ds break some Thug filibusters back in prehistoric times (pre-48)).

        And yes on the T/P being more stupid and delusional than most liberal 'purists'.  Bless their pointy little T/P heads. (Its why we have 55 Ds in the Senate rather than only 52 or 50).

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