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View Diary: Virginia, New Jersey, and 2016: is the tea party breaking? (104 comments)

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  •  Even better: evolving narrative is Christie v. T/P (5+ / 0-)

    Pls convince T-liban that he is their enemy.  He is the only Thug with a real chance at winning POTUS in 2016.  

    (Of course, the reality based community knows he is just T-liban-lite, even further RW than Dumbya but with even less self-discipline.  And is firmly in the neocon camp.  What could possibly go wrong?)

    •  just that the republicans, and possibly (0+ / 0-)

      independents are so damn relieved to have a somewhat credible human being in contention as opposed to the crazed lunatic fringe, they could flock to him in droves, and give him more credit than is due.

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