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  •  When in the course of human events… (9+ / 0-)

    I watched that clip where Ronald Reagan sat in the Oval Office and continued to deny there was an arms for hostages deal but that according to the facts he must admit there was an arms for hostages deal, and no, he didn't favorably impress me, chewing the scenery and all.

    I can't stand the sight or sound of Schwarzenegger. I never understood what his housekeeper saw in him (or the state of California for that matter).

    It is disturbing to me that Republicans nominate these figureheads based on some degree of popularity unrelated to leadership, governance, intellect, or America's interest. It is an insult to intelligent voters to see actors playing these parts, and a calamity when voters fall for it — did you watch Donald Regan propping up Ronald Reagan at a press conference and whispering the answers to him? Even in nominating Sarah Palin they were seeking the lowest common denominator for their victory. I think (hope) America is wising up.

    As for puns, well, my niece is an avid Detroit Red Wings fan (she worked for them many years as masseuse) so when they play my favorite team, the Blackhawks, I always tell her, "Have an Ice Day." Subtle, I know.

    I sing along with the anthem but wouldn't dare try it alone. The entire first stanza consists solely of interrogatories, "can you see it?" and "is it still there?". The Pledge reminds me of hypnosis, as though we want our school kids in a patriotic trance, I don't feel it is fair or necessary, and I resent that religion was interjected into it. The Preamble (love that word) reads well, but I never memorized it. I wonder if it could be used to better explain the Second Amendment when it calls for the "common defense," Hmmm? Let's win in 2014 and 2016 and get a supreme court that would revisit this. I always felt that the Petticoat Junction theme skirted the issue.

    Honesty is not a policy. It's a character trait.

    by Says Who on Fri Nov 08, 2013 at 08:02:30 AM PST

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