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View Diary: Logan Admits "60 Minutes Was Wrong" (114 comments)

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  •  Good transcript (14+ / 0-)

    This answered my question about the vetting process...sort of.   The key seems to be

    We used U.S. government reports and congressional testimony to verify many of the details of his story, and everything checked out.
    Inquiring minds would want to know which government reports, which testimony, and which details.  My hunch is that it won't amount to any more than "we confirmed that he was who he said he was."

    And inquiring minds would want to know what 60 Minutes DIDN'T do in their vetting process.  I expect the failure is not what they did, but what common sense vetting tactics they failed to do.  

    MSM failures are getting bigger and more frequent. Just in the recent past, AP reporter falsely suggests the initials "T.M." is Terry McAuliffe in a police report, WaPo hire GOP stenographer Robert Costas, and now this.

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