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View Diary: 13-year-old boy suspended for wearing designer purse (288 comments)

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    "But Blome insists that the district does not discriminate based on gender.

    "We are not going out there to discriminate against anybody," he said.

    He said he has been superintendent for six years and that even before his arrival that junior high students couldn't bring bags into the core classes.

    "That's been a long-standing rule," he said, adding he believes it dates back at least 10 years.

    He explained that if a student refused to abide by the rule that a teacher would send the student to the office. If the student again refused to comply, then Blome said the student could be suspended."

    So, the question is, is Skylar bringing the bag into classes that he's not allowed to, that no other student is?  OR, are other students bringing them in but they've said he can't.  There is nothing in the new reports answering that question.

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