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View Diary: Obama gets behind $10.10 minimum wage bill (115 comments)

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  •  Before we try to fight for a minimum wage hike... (2+ / 0-)
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    Uniprober, bmcphail

    how about we shock the hell out of the Tea Party and go for a big tax cut program for small businesses that pay above minimum wage VOLUNTARILY? Reward real small businesses--many of whom would actually LIKE to pay their staff a decent, living wage up-- with incentives.

    Create a plan that identifies common low-wage job categories, types of employers, or even categories of new hires (eg., chronically unemployed, underemployed recent college grads, etc.) that would most benefit. Set up a deduction or tax credit program with a sliding scale of sorts. Reimburse or offset the difference between minimum wage and the higher wage so that small business employers are not penalized in profits or in reduced ability to compete with bigger employers for paying well. Make small businesses the new go-to for innovation and employee satisfaction.

    (Of course there should be reasonable limits: No hiring nurses or engineers for your small business and pretending they would get minimum wage but now you're paying them 60K so thanks for the big fat tax credit. But this same idea could apply to encouraging small business to pay professional, skilled employees competitive wages with bigger organizations, too.)

    Seriously, if I knew I could deduct or get at tax credit for the proportion of pay above minimum wage I paid my employees, I'd do it in a heart beat.( My sister works as an accounting tech for a small, family owned CPA firm, and get's $9 per hour, when her employer would gladly pay her $15-20 if she could afford it--bumping my sister off the Food Stamp rolls.)

    There are cleverer ways to increase wages that involve a carrot at the end of the stick rather than just forcing employers to increase their costs before they increase their profits. Especially since the Tea Party nuts in Congress will not vote for a raise in minimum wage if you have a gun held to their Grandma's head.

    Pull one over on their rock-filled heads and get these folks back to work and into the world of the middle class.

    •  I'm tired of us trying to entice business (1+ / 0-)
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      to give people a raise!

      I mean over my lifetime I've seen tons and tons of things the gov't has done to shift cost of employees from businesses to gov't, and have not seen business reciprocate by making working conditions, hours, wages or benefits better.

      I think in the absence of unions we have to go ahead with mandates.

      •  I differentiate between (0+ / 0-)

        all businesses and small businesses, because I think that small business is unfairly disadvantaged in most communities by economies of scale.

        My local hardware store is where I really want to shop, but since they opened up the Lowes--which, by the way, pays above minimum wage and offers affordable benefits to it's staff--my local store has announced it cant' afford to stay open.

        My brother wanted to open his own small business making sunrooms and upgrading backyard patios when he retires shortly at the age of 54.  He's a liberal Democrat. He wants to hire good people and pay them well, but as he is doing the numbers, he's not sure he could afford to do that. What if he could deduct the difference between our state's $8/hr minimum wage and the $20 he would be willing to pay a very hard working young person or two?

        How is that a bad way to entice business?

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