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View Diary: Christie Best Chance for Republicans to Retake White House in 2016 (57 comments)

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  •  No, they haven't (4+ / 0-)

    Yes, the money people are panicking. But the problem is that the party has fed the extremists red meat for so long that this time the money people, who picked Romney, won't be able to dictate to them. The base is moving further right every day. There isn't any way they can totally pivot by 2016 and keep that base on board .

    I think you are total wrong. I think the primary process will be even FURTHER to the right than last time. Unfortunately for the Republicans, they ejected moderates and catered to the Tea Party. They have about a year before the primary process starts to eject and repudiate the Tea Party and woo back the moderates who have changed parties/become independents/ dropped out of politics. I just don't see how such a complete sea change is possible. I see no signs of it, other than some panic at the top. But the monster they created is out of control.

    Ed FitzGerald for governor Of Ohio. Women's lives depend on it.

    by anastasia p on Fri Nov 08, 2013 at 08:57:46 AM PST

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