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View Diary: This might be the most anti-Veteran thing you read about all week. (42 comments)

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    I support VFP's right to march in the parade.  I do believe Mayor Stanton and the city of Phoenix are being let off of the hook to easy here.
    The journalist Montini for the Az. Republic points out in his Thursday November 7th column that it was the city of Phoenix and NOT the VA that handed off the running of the parade to this right wing group which is now excluding the VFP from marching the in the parade.

      I was present when three friends from VFP personally addressed mayor Stanton to allow the VFP to march in the parade.  Mayor Stanton, is just passing the buck by saying in the journalist Montini's column that he supports the VFP marching in the parade but that there is nothing he can do about it....BALONEY !!! .  As Montini suggested he could refuse to appear as a guest of honor in the parade in support of veterans who served and sacrificed for our country and now emphasize PEACE.

    Once my 3 friends presented their request at the city council meeting almost two weeks ago they were viciously attacked publicly by another right wing young man who appeared to be with the organization running the parade who used the words "traitor" and "treason" against them. I got up and told the mayor and council that to use such untrue and vicious words against my fellow veterans was wrong.  
    In conclusion, I know that I sometimes don't make people on the left or right happy by my independent stands but I can assure you that...I strongly and fervently support my fellow Veterans For Peace the right to march in this year's parade and that I repeat WILL BE THERE in support of VFP marching in the parade.
    I Call On Mayor Stanton to withdraw from the parade until... this right wing extremist group running the parade allows VFP the right to march in the parade  and that he stop passing the buck and trying to have it both ways by saying that: He supports VFP being in the parade yet at the same time accepting a position of honor in it by the very organization that insults the service of my fellow veterans by not allowing them to march simply because they believe in peace !
     Maybe...if  mayor Stanton will personally come over and march with VFP he could show us if he really supports VFP being in the parade. I believe the mayor has a chance to be a good and decent person in this whole matter and hope that he takes the rightful and moral stand that he should in this matter.
      I DON'T CARE IF MAYOR STANTON IS A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN MAYOR STANTON NEEDS TO STOP TALKING OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF HIS MOUTH ON THIS SUBJECT and I don't think he should be given a pass simply just because is a democrat. We've been giving way to many passes lately to democratic politicians that say they support progressive and rightful causese (i.e. Fracking, Gulf of Mexico, NSA, Killing of our public schools etc.) !!!!!!!
    Leonard Clark
     U.S. Army veteran,
    Persian Gulf Vet 90-91,
    OIF III vet 05-06

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