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View Diary: Help! Trapped the feral cat; now what? (96 comments)

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  •   First give the cat food and water. (6+ / 0-)

    Take the cat in the covered to the vets as soon as possible.
    Tell them the circumstances.

    Talk to the cat so it can hear the calmness of your voice, speak in a low calm tone.  Move slowly and calmly.

    (If this is a small kitten a lot of what I am about doesn't apply, as the kitten will probably attach quickly to who ever feeds it.)

    Some where along about this point you will have to decide what you want to do with the cat, keep it or release it to the wild again, or have it put down.
    If you want to release it, and depending on its age the vets can give it vaccines etc, and may be able to neuter it.  Give it a physical and then you can release it again.  
    (Feral cats in urban settings cannot eat a normal diet.  Much of their food is partially spoiled sugar and fat laced human waste that is very unhealthy for animals ((people also)).)

    The local animal shelter may take feral kittens up to a certain age or they may just euthanize them from the get go.

    I have done this myself in an apartment with cats already in the apartment.

    If you wish to keep it, then get it to the vets, maybe have them hold it until you go to the pet store and get food, a bed, litter box etc.

    When you get home put the cat, still in the cage in the most remote part of your house, a second bathroom is great.  Set out food and water, litter, open the cage door, and try to slip out of the room or area leaving the cat in a quite spot alone to calm down.

    If you can shut the cat in a bathroom, laundry room for at least several hours to allow it to explore that space, get used to sounds and smells, then crack the door open, peek in talk to the cat and walk away. (keeping the cat in a closed area until it uses the litter box is a good start.)

    When you feel the cat is ready crack open the door enough to let it come out when it is ready but still feel somewhat protected.

    LET THE CAT COME TO YOU.  It needs to find out that your are not a horrible kitten eating monster.  IT MAY TAKE DAYS OR EVEN MONTHS.

    Talk to it, touch it. and don't go any further.  Allow the cat to decide how much contact, how much closeness is comfortable for it.

    I have had 8 cats over a period of about 40 years all but two were wild or abandoned, kittens or adolescents, one was a live trap about 3 months old, the other two were adult pound cats.  Some were very affectionate and some just vanted to be left aloneuh.  Let the cat decide.

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