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  •  There are neighborhoods, like mine, (6+ / 0-)

    where we have 50+ year old housing, and pavement, &c. Not so many snakes, lizards, etc. around here, but we've got some (imported when the development started) mature trees -- maple, live oak, red oak, and pecan. Lots of trumpet vine, honeysuckle, a little semi-feral mesquite.

    A few years back some well-meaning people conducted a "feral cat capture" program and cleaned the neighborhood out pretty thoroughly around spring break. By the end of school, we had rats and mice everywhere, along with sparrows and pigeons and ravens that were falling about, dead, but not damaged. Big hiss-at-you Norwegian imported rats, what some folks call wharf rats; some of these things were the size of a cottontail rabbit. Around the same time we stopped seeing the cats, we started having mice everywhere. Stopped seeing the jackrabbits and cottontails too. More and bigger ant nests.

    A few battle-scarred feral male cats moved in a year or so ago, after an apartment complex literally blew up half a mile away, destroying 50 homes and displacing who knows what else in that neighborhood.
    Mouse and rat numbers hereabouts declined, and the sparrows have reduced in numbers as well as the ravens. The pigeons thrive, but once in awhile I'll find a puff of those feathers, too. There's a hawk down by the playa half a mile away, and I think there may be a fox or two around: I had one in my yard February before last for most of a day, after a brush fire around the playa.

     I don't find nearly as many whole untouched dead birds anymore. I'm also seeing, again as when I first moved here but didn't see for some time, healthy active squirrels, and this fall I saw some rabbits in both of the nearby city parks at dusk.

    Can't help thinking the ferals are making a dent in the invasive and apredated rodents, which is of benefit to all.

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    by BlackSheep1 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 at 11:47:24 AM PST

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