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View Diary: A Brief Discourse on Courage and Balls (112 comments)

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    Using "X has balls" for courage uses a false equivalence; it reflects centuries, millennia of misogyny, oppression and abuse.
    The synecdoche of using “balls” to refer to men, and then, by way of metonymy, to refer to courage, may be a little out of place in the twenty-first century, but it seems to me that there is an better explanation for such associations in the past other than the ones you list.  During all those millennia, it was a simple fact that it was the men who were warriors, whose courage on the battlefield was essential, compared to which all other instances of courage are practically figurative.

    It may be that during those past millennia there was a lot of misogyny, oppression, and abuse, but the association between men and courage would still have been paramount, even if men had treated women like goddesses.

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