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  •  I am here, because I want to understand (4+ / 0-)

    Americans and what's going on in America. It's tough for me to get the grasp.

    Often I don't like it, because it's exhausting. And I feel dumber the longer I am here.

    And then I come here because I don't have anybody to talk to. Most people in my environment don't understand from where I am coming from. So, there isn't much conversation.

    Here at least, even if I don't say anything, others here have always something to say that is interesting to learn.

    I am also here, because people let me vent and don't let me know if they are upset about what I say or not.

    On the one hand I can't stand that politeness, on the other hand, if people weren't so polite, I would have long given up to say anything at all.

    And then I am here, because your political and legal power plays are so darn difficult to understand.

    And I am here, because the injustice and inequality and the acceptance of it is too f'n upsetting me too often.

    And then all I want is to leave all that behind me ... In my mind I try to get through the moves to cut myself off the internet. I feel it's as much a curse as it is a blessing.

    So much for being a complete mess reading this very messy site.

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