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View Diary: Want Clean Power? Cynical NV Energy Says “Pay Up” (39 comments)

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    itzik shpitzik

    Same principle as natural gas deregulation. The power in the grid, or gas in the pipe network, is fungible. It doesn't matter whether the electrons that actually flow to your house were generated renewably as long as the power producer you're paying puts the amount of green power you pay for into the grid.

    Suppose you live in a state with natural gas deregulation. There may be a couple dozen gas providers. The gas you burn may or may not actually be sourced from the provider you're paying. Doesn't matter. Each provider puts the amount of gas its customers pay for into the pipeline system, and all customers get the amount of gas they paid for.

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    by HeyMikey on Sun Nov 10, 2013 at 01:28:19 PM PST

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