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  •  So let me tell you a little about the rescuer. (12+ / 0-)

    She and I met when I had a desperate need to rehome two very difficult cats.  A lady in my area had lost her home and farm - all of it.  She had about 10 cats, all seniors, all special needs.  She found homes for 8 of them, leaving two that she had to find placement for before they went to a shelter.  One was 10 year old Moe, an insulin dependent diabetic.  The other was Moe's best friend, semi-feral and very shy Shiloh.

    Kim Fleck stepped in and helped.  She tapped her contacts.  She found a permanent foster home (who actually wound up adopting both) in CT.  She helped me coordinate the transport, and she helped by keeping both overnight until their new mama could come and get them.  

    She is a rescuer, as I am a rescuer.  Ever rescuer is valuable and valued - but I tend to run with a gang of "hard case" rescuers.  We advocate for the older cats, the ones with special needs (diabetes, blind, missing a leg, hyperthyroid, cerebellar hypoplasia, you name it), the ones in untenable situations.  The ones who are broken through mistreatment and/or neglect.  The ones who deserve a kind and compassionate hand, a soft voice, and a chance to trust and love again.  It is our greatest joy, and sometimes our deepest sorrow.  But mostly, it's joy.

    Kim rescued Arielle from a terrible hoarder situation.  We deal with these way too often in rescue, unfortunately.  Kim says of Arielle:

    Arielle is a female Siamese Lynx Point who was rescued from a horrific hoarder situation in MA and as a result of the severe conditions she endured she lost her eye. On top of this she was very frightened, underweight, fleas, mites and to top it off at just barely one she was pregnant. She gave birth to 6 kittens, two died after weeks of medical efforts and the other 4 made it but with LOTS of care and love. Arielle remained with us instead of being adopted out as well as two of her offspring (Speedy & Clyde)who both had medical & behavioral issue. She has learned to trust again and love her caretakers and feline and canine rescue friends. SHe is now in need of a major life surgery. She has SEVERE dental disease and is having a MAJOR dental surgery on November 19, 2013. It is estimated to cost $2,000. She needs this in order to keep her organs functioning properly and be able to live a pain free life. Please help us allow Arielle to jump ths one last hurdle and live out the rest of her life painfree and surrounded by love. Thank you in advance for helping, if anyone needs a copy of the vet estimate please PM me I am happy to provide it or any other details needed.  
    Arielle's dental issues are severe.  In addition to the pain, untreated dental issues can lead to kidney issues and death, among other things.  This is the last thing that needs to be done for this sweet cat to get her on the road to recovery - physically and emotionally.

    With your help, she can FINALLY be Arielle.  The fundraiser link is here.  I can EASILY get you any documentation you need on the veterinary estimate - you need only email me at renarf at comcast dot net.  Arielle is a private rescue - i.e., she is not under a nonprofit organization.  Kim and her partner Liz took her to avoid her winding up at a shelter, where she would almost certainly be killed.  

    Any help you can provide would be beyond appreciated.


    PS Persiflage, you are welcome to use any and all of my above comment in the body of the diary itself.  

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