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  •  Worth it to move to a better rig (3+ / 0-)
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    shaggies2009, Mr Robert, Rogneid

    I hacked together a sous vide rig using one of the guides online a couple years ago. Basically an aquarium pump plus a cheap PID from ebay and use the foodsaver I already had for the sealing.

    Where it really excels in my opinion is not in something like a steak (which really doesn't need a long cook time to break down the collagen etc) but in things like shortribs, brisket, pork shoulders, and other braise-type meats where you need a long cook time to break down the tough components. I cook short ribs for 48 hours that still come out medium-rare but are more tender and succulent than any other cooking method I have ever tried.

    Cooking it on the stovetop just won't get you the precise temperature control you need to avoid getting too hot (and overcooking/drying out) or too cold (and risking bacterial growth).

    There are instructions and parts list out there on the webs (sorry don't have them at my fingertips) that aren't too difficult to assemble yourself if you are the DIY type, otherwise I strongly recommend finding a kickstarter or other source for a pre-made rig.

    •  I see myself investing in equipment (2+ / 0-)
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      Mr Robert, greengemini

      eventually. I'm still in the exploratory phase which is making sure I like the food and making sure it fits my lifestyle. It seems like it does.

      For instance, I can come home from work and do a sous vide burger or steak and it doesn't get too late before I'm eating. I'm getting better at the routine and timing.

      I concede equipment would be optimal. But it's still pretty cool that you can get by without it.

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      by shaggies2009 on Sun Nov 10, 2013 at 03:40:24 PM PST

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      •  That's what I did. (1+ / 0-)
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        First I did some experiments with a crock pot to see if I liked the meat cooked by this method, and then after I decided I did, I bought a Sous Vide Supreme (it was on sale). Tonight we hade French dip sandwiches made from tender, perfectly-cooked bottom round.

        Even on sale the unit was a bit pricey, and I think that most people will want to think twice before spending the money. However, it was worth it for me because I can do more than just cook meat or some vegetables with it. The fine temperature control lets me pasteurize eggs without cooking them by accident* (I live in a country where I can't buy them already pasteurized, and my husband has an immune disorder). It's very good for egg custard-type things, although the only one of that sort I've made so far is lemon curd. I can also incubate large batches of yogurt, and I hope to make cottage cheese once I get the other supplies I need for it.

        *135°F for 75 minutes, following Douglas Baldwin's recommendations

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