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    shaggies2009, Mr Robert

    IANACE (I am not a chemical engineer:) ) but am I right to assume that 135° for 1 hr ≠ 2 hrs ≠ 3 hrs ≠ 4 hrs. Does the cooking time vary depending on what is being cooked? And the weight/volume of what is being cooked?

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      Kane in CA, Mr Robert, greengemini

      First, I've gotten cooking times by searching for sous vide recipes on the internet. Recommended times are all over the place. But people seem to agree on the minimums and maximums.

      There is always at least several hours between minimum and maximum. The issue with cooking toward the maximum is that while you are not over cooking by temperature, the proteins etc. start to breakdown after a certain point. This can be desired for certain cuts like short ribs but not so much on a steak.

      Mass definitely adds cooking time since it will take longer to get the center to the desired temperature.

      There is another interesting aspect. For example, chicken is usually cooked to 160 F in the oven. But with sous vide, you can cook it at 140 F but also for a longer period of time. The lower temperature combined with the longer cooking time is said to achieve the same bacteria killing effect as the 160 F. And it gives you much more tender chicken.

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      by shaggies2009 on Sun Nov 10, 2013 at 06:25:22 PM PST

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