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  •  Yes, grieving and fatigued -- (9+ / 0-)

    this is to be expected, given the week you've had, and your ongoing concerns.  The fatigue is something you can takes steps toward managing, as we discussed.  Be sure to eat enough of the right things to keep your body going, and rest when you can.  I'm glad you're out walking -- the exercise, fresh air, and sunshine will do you good.

    Love 'em while you can, each day, and don't berate or blame yourself for not being able to do things that are beyond your power to control.

    The grieving you'll just have to allow.  It's the cost of loving, I'm afraid, particularly with our animal companions.  There's something I've learned about grief, and I don't know how to share it except to use the phrase I use for my self, which is:  Keep your belly soft to the grief.  Grief is a physical process, as well as an emotional one, and when we try to contain or control that process our bellies tighten up. The 'bellies soft' advice reminds me reminds me to be mindful of my belly-muscles and try to keep them as 'soft' as they are after a bout of grief-stricken weeping.  This 'keeping soft', I've found, makes  it possible for the grief to flow with the love, and for both to be woven into the present time, making current moments easier but also, in the long run, weaving grief and love together in memory, making memories more peaceful.

    Wishing you well, as always.

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