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View Diary: Another Health Insurer Caught Falsely Cancelling Thousands of Health Plans (161 comments)

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    An insurance plan RENEWS every year. And you have to sign a new contract, every year. So they didn't really cancel it mid term. But, unless they made any major changes, it was considered grandfathered in and didn't need to cancel for the higher rates.

    As for when the contract is up, I guess it depends. I think individual insurance is probably a year from whenever you signed up. Group insurance through an employer is usually Jan 1.

    And it's okay to be confused. Even as I was replying, I'm kind of confused myself. LOL

    The employers and the insurance companies have been making all sorts of changes since the ACA was signed, and blaming the ACA for every increase or issue they've had. Most of it isn't true.

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