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  •  My mom was born in 1919 (4+ / 0-)

    She lived to see Obama elected and she was happy about it I think, she said she was but with mom you never knew.

     She was a Democrat and given the fact that my sister had married a black man and integrated our family one would think mom had shaken out her racist leanings long ago.

    But, again...with mom you never quite knew where she really stood.

    My step dad was born in 1911, he was much more to me than my real father and I believe, no I know that he would have been proud and thrilled. He and my late bro in law were great friends, Ross didn't have a racist bone in his body.

    And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County Down by the Green River where Paradise lay. Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away. John Prine

    by high uintas on Wed Nov 13, 2013 at 09:37:55 PM PST

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    •  I don't know. They talked about voting Wallace (1+ / 0-)
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      high uintas

      in '68. Both of them, I know, absolutely despised Nixon, and Reagan and Bush l.

      LBJ, Van Cliburn, Ike, Wendy Davis, Lady Bird, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan, Molly Ivins, Sully Sullenburger, Drew Brees: Texas is NO Bush League!

      by BlackSheep1 on Wed Nov 13, 2013 at 10:21:06 PM PST

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