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View Diary: Update: "That is when the Transplant Coordinator Nurse told me that they are Republicans." (143 comments)

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  •  If this were solely a (4+ / 0-)

    Republican vs. Democrat issue, the nurse is still in the wrong. As a dialysis patient for the last twelve years, I am much more expensive than anyone who has had a transplant. Not only are the dialysis procedures pricey to the Medicare system, but the meds, and the added hospital visits for fistulagrams (every three months for me), and respiratory infections. The nurse involved should be reminded that the patient is just trying to save her tax-payer money!
    Time magazine website recently brought up the idea of paying donors to give their kidneys, since the savings to the government would be exponential. Plus many of the recipients could go back to work, instead of living off social security. That is another difficult debate, but no one should be denied a transplant for any reason other than purely medical.

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