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    I recently watched an old "60 Minutes" report from a year or two ago about some seafaring treasure hunter "discovering" bunches of supposedly valuable emeralds on the sea floor off the coast of Florida or wherever.  (The emeralds were mostly or entirely mediocre in quality.)  The emeralds were so obviously salted on the top of the sea bed, the guy was so obviously doubtful, and the New York jewelry firm that "60 Minues" went to with the doubtful guy was so obviously incompetent (at the very least), it was just incomprehensible that a reputable news program would ever air such a thing.

    If only the George W. Bush National Guard story years ago hadn't blown up, because the underlying facts were all there.  The only flaw was that the documents were authentic typewritten works from that era, about which ridiculous doubts were however raised, or they were forgeries supplied by dirty-tricks operatives and modeled on the original documents, with flaws built-in by design in order to ensure that the story blew up.

    But I'm sure this story will never get the scathing excoriation that the National Guard story got.  Of course.

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