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View Diary: Far-right Texas Republican wins local seat by pretending to be black (102 comments)

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  •  Obviously the voters were not voting on issues (0+ / 0-)

    or anything else of relevance or this wouldn't have been so easy for him.  If the voters were duped because they voted due to race alone (and that is a myth of epic proportions in any other election....people do not simply vote for a candidate simply because of this) but if this did happen....oh well.  I guess next time they will actually research a bit.  

    I hate the meme that a candidate who happens to be of color will automatically get a certain percentage of the vote.  I don't vote for someone who is black simply because I'm black.  My husband does not vote this way. My parents do not vote this way.  I know of no one who votes in this manner.  

    •  but what are you left with if you start from the (0+ / 0-)

      premise that voters weren't voting on issues?

      LG: You know what? You got spunk. MR: Well, Yes... LG: I hate spunk!

      by dinotrac on Tue Nov 12, 2013 at 07:26:24 PM PST

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