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View Diary: Chris Christie goes on Sunday shows to vigorously deny having opinions on things (159 comments)

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    Not gonna work up any outrage over this.

    Frankly, I like Chris Christie. He's a good guy for a Republican. He knows when to change his mind (like when he let gay marriage take place in New Jersey.) He knows that the needs of Americans take precedence over the needs of the Tea Party (like with Hurricane Sandy and the way he's been taking on the whole Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, John Boehner establishment.... and winning!)

    Chris Christie is an old school Republican... the kind we need more of in national politics. He's a guy who knows how to compromise and knows how to be tough about the important things. I'm a progressive feminist, and I'll take Chris Christie any day over DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) like Heidi Heitkamp or Rahm Emmanuel any day of the week.

    Don't get me wrong: in a contest between Christie and Hillary Clinton I'll choose Clinton eight days a week.... but I won't tear my hair if Christie beats her.

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