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View Diary: Chris Christie goes on Sunday shows to vigorously deny having opinions on things (159 comments)

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  •  Hillary can beat him (0+ / 0-)

    but it won't be that easy.  You can't underestimate that fat angry thing.

    •  Is she is only 4 points ahead of him in NJ (1+ / 0-)
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      anna shane

      during a presidential election, as she was on election day this year in a hypothetical matchup, then he will be carrying states like PA and OH. Probably FL too. HRC carries the west coast, NY, loses NH too.Maybe she carries ME and probably VT. Unless he implodes in the meantime. He hasn't as of yet. I've been waiting for 4 years....and if he remains popular he will take NJ too. Bush 1 did, so did Reagan. I don't want that to happen, and am hoping he falls apart somehow. One can hope.

      •  which is why (0+ / 0-)

        we need to do some smart blogging.  He's popular partly because of Tony Soprano, but he's not Tony,

        hey, that's a slogan, "hey, he''s not Tony ya know?"  

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