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  •  What are the ethics if YOUR child is harmed? (0+ / 0-)

    My child was born fine (High apgar). Immediately after Stanford gave him the HEP B vaccine (then containing mercury) he had an apnea episode and ended up in the ICU very sick. Now, I got him vaccinated because of a sense of responsibility, the one everyone talks about. He did in fact get the next 8 sets of vaccines. He did in fact react to them over and over (and I was too dumb and trusting to stop until 18 months). He did in fact develop autism.  . . there is in fact information on most vaccine package inserts saying:
    --this vaccine has not been tested for its effect when given with other vaccines
    --the vaccine can cause side effects, including encephalitis (which sounds an awful lot like autism).
    If you don't believe me, ask your doctor for the fine print, several page package insert the next time you or your child vaccinate your child. Or you can find them on the manufacturer's websites.
    So, I found out that my child is absolutely susceptible to harm from vaccinations. Does this mean that I should be silent about such harm, to protect herd immunity and the "greater good". Or, is it my ethical responsibilty to push medicine to figure out why it hurt my child, how we can identify such children, and how we can ameliorate such damage in future children. Instead, what I'm faced with from so many of my fellow progressives, is a deathly silence when I bring this up. I do not get compassion, I do not get thanked for sacrificing my son's and family's future to herd immunity, and I do not get thanked for showing them the pubmed and NIH research backing up what I am telling you. INstead, I get put into a pack with teabaggers and climate change deniers--when, in fact, pharma is taking the role of vaccine-damage deniers, and I and fellow parents are taking the role of witnessing the polar bears drowning and no one wants to hear it. I am NOT antivaccine. I am pro-safe vaccine. THere is a huge difference, and I just can't understand why saying "Lets figure out what happened here" is supposedly equivalent to saying "No one vaccinate their kids". Pharma has deep motivation for denying that our infants have been harmed. The CDC and NIH (google Bernadine Healy) think that people are too dumb to be told that vaccines harm a few of us. So they out and out lie. I know what I saw with my own eyes. So do 7 of 10 parents of autistic kids you ask--at least the ones getting better. After this happened I found out from my Mom that other family members from the first thimerasol vaccine had dangerous reactions. It turns out many people are allergic to thimerasol and its a lot to give an infant. Please folks, just acknowledge this. ANd tell me, ethically, if you did the research in reputable sites (including foreign which are not as compromised as ours) if you saw it with your own eyes, is the ethical thing to pretend you think vaccines are safe for all or is the ethical thing to speak up? I have decided it is ethical to speak up. I know people will attack me. I also know that I am right. Yes, Virginia, vaccines really do cause brain injury to a subset of children. Does it mean we should get rid of vaccination? Of course not. Does it mean we should discuss it honestly and try to fix it? Yes. Please, please hear us. We are smart, we are educated, we used to think as you do. And then we saw our bright, outgoing, funny baby slip into Baby Alzehimers --and on the journey to bring him back, we learned things about pharma and the CDC that truly broke our heart. And when we listened to doctors who had been on this same journey when it happened to THEIR child, and followed their advice to detox and slow future vaccinations, our children started to heal. I'm sorry but Jenny McCarthy is a hero. She is trying to save others from what happened to her son. She saw him have a seizure after a vaccination. THe easy thing would have been to cure him on her own and not endure this ridicule. She took the high road and the courageous road. Her motivation is to keep this from happening again, just as Mothers Against Drunk Driving work to keep their tragedy from happening again. THey aren't against driving and they aren't against drinking. They just want everyone to be safe. Jenny's campaign was about GREENING our vaccines. (Google CDC vaccine ingredients for a great shock). The fact that she has been straw-manned about this and her message distorted proves that the motivation of those against her is not pure. The least you can do is have compassion for her journey and respect for her wish to share the solution that worked for her, and her efforts to take the toxins out of vaccines (some utterly unnecessary and meant to save dimes on a dose) and what she learned about why it happened. Think about it and think about what you would do if this had happened in your family. And you saw your child slip away. And were told it was hopeless and no one knows why. Then you started reading the science on Generation Rescue and You found doctors (M.D.'s whose eyes had also been open by this same tragedy). . Then, using these techniques, you brought him back. Would you feel you should keep it to yourself, or speak out in hopes of helping others, fixing the vaccines, and figuring out which infants needed another approach? This happened to Jenny, but it also happened to me. And to many others out there, speaking out to prevent this difficult journey from happening to your child, speaking out so that this gets acknowledged and the right reseach is done. Do not believe pharma's blanket media assertions and remember that pharma makes up 70% of the ad revenue during non-election years. No one wants to cross them (google Robert F. Kennedy's AutismOne speech.) Thank you for reading. And remember that thimerasol is still in flu shots. And remember that though it is out of shots now, so many autism parents are left with the collateral damage. Please show us  compassion and respect, and at least hear us out. Please listen to our stories and remember we DID choose to get our child vaccinated. And our journey to the truth was extremely painful. But it was our child's only hope. Thank you.

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