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View Diary: A tale of two 'keep your health insurance' bills (104 comments)

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  •  Consumer protections for (1+ / 0-)
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    For people who want to mess up the system by keeping junk insurance and putting the bills on us?

    Ensuring that worthless shitty policies can't be canceled?

    Undermining the ACA by skewing the exchanges to older, sicker people?

    The insurance industry will fight this law as well, because it forces them to keep shitty policies in force - policies that they routinely cancel and shift around as people make claims, etc.

    Then people in the exchanges cry foul that others get to pay less (sometimes, not always) for shitty policies that don't require hospitalization, well women care, etc. - so you're creating a two-tiered system within the ACA.

    It's already a multi-tiered system.  Then we'd add some:

    Rich folks who can afford both insurance AND medical care

    Working folks covered by their employers (at varying levels)

    Individual people who had a relatively good policy but were canceled by their carriers and have to buy, and make too much for subsidies.  (Subset of the 5% having their policies canceled - by insurance companies, not by the ACA)

    People in the exchanges paying for real coverage on their own

    People in exchanges paying for real coverage with subsidies

    Poor people, students, etc., paying good money for basically no coverage.  To address that we need to either reduce requirements or assist them into the exchanges.

    landrieu's proposal reduces requirements, adding back a class of people who can continue to get screwed by insurance companies.

    •  Unlike the GOP bill, the Landrieu bill ... (1+ / 0-)
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      ... honestly allows people to keep the insurance that they like. That's better than pre-PPACA when insurers could cancel policies just because they would like to.

      PPACA's consumer protections are much better. I'll take my new exchange policy over the junk insurance, thank you. However, if political pressure forces a change, the Landrieu bill actually protects customer choice.

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