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  •  Ethical behavor or crime? (1+ / 0-)
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    Crime implies a higher level of selfishness than the narcissism shown by the upper classes.  I too have read the studies and tend to agree with them.  Simply because the police state theory does a poor job explaining crime trends does not mean that I condone the increasingly crass attitude adopted by the wealthy in this country.  In an increasingly secular world without simple moral guideposts, narcissists have more an advantage as there are a lot less people who look down on marginal behavior or even recognize it.  My neighbor here in Florida owns several strip bars and is admired for his wealth.   This simply would not have occurred in a suburban area when I was young.

    But the crime rate has dropped a lot in the past two decades.   The rise of the police state simply doesn't explain it.  

    •  We have a fundamental disagreement there. I (0+ / 0-)

      don't think that engaging in massive deception (propaganda) to justify wars of aggression, war crimes, war profiteering, can be called unethical behavior or narcissism.

      I don't think the Wall Street racketeering criminal cartel engaging in the looting or trillions of dollars, and the subsequent cover up by sycophantic, on-the-take, government officials can be called unethical behavior.

      These criminal acts have caused the dead of hundreds of thousands of people, the loss of middle class wealth (duly transferred to the ruling class), etc.

      These are massive, very consequential crimes, of much higher order than the types of crimes committed by average individuals.

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