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View Diary: Someone Just Got $237,000 in Debt Forgiven! (95 comments)

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  •  I also think it is more about dignity (7+ / 0-)

    than whether the debt was unlikely to be collected.  Most people lose a bit of self esteem when he or she realizes that they have no way of paying back an honestly incurred debt - whether monetary or otherwise.  

    As far as I am concerned a 50 to 1 return on my "investment" is one that I cannot ignore.  I understand that sharing my income is more than how much money it gets in return (how do you put a monetary value on making sure that vets have food, or animals are taken care of) but what other charity / investment ever transforms my $10 into $50?  If that was a stock return than I may, just may, believe in the stock market and purposely invest there.  

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