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View Diary: Recent measurements of Fukushima derived radionuclides in the Pacific Ocean (103 comments)

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    Cs-137 is one of the most important isotopes to monitor for long-term radiological impact ...
    But it is not the only isotope to be monitored. There's a veritable stew of them. And the half-life of something is not what decides if it does damage. That will be decided by whether or not it is present and absorbed by living things (say a school of fish go through an irradiated area.)
    These concentrations will diminish as the ocean mixes and the isotopes decay.
    But fresh isotopes will be added for a long time to come. From cooling water, from atmospheric release, from streams near the reactor cores. (Wherever they might be right now.)

    That 'the ocean mixes' is misleading in that a particle doesn't just jump out of Fukushima harbor and fly to, say, off the coast of New Guinea.

    Currents run through the harbor, and currents concentrate things (that's how you get masses of tsunami debris riding together). And currents tend to circulate within a hemisphere, iirc. Pick up at Fukushima, drop somewhere between there and North America, wend a way back to F., and repeat the cycle.

    Again, fish also migrate through the waters of Fukushima, so even if they then swim somewhere else where there aren't concentrations, they've still been at risk. As will anything which eats them eventually, if their meal has absorbed anything.

    The data we have about concentrations and radioactivity of these isotopes suggest that they do not represent significant exposure risks to human beings through direct contact with seawater or through the consumption of apex predators like Pacific Bluefin Tuna link.
    We might add 'to this date. Years of close monitoring and honest reporting of findings is necessary.'

    The question of course remains about the exposure consequences for the Tuna? And anything else alive in the Pacific.

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    by Jim P on Mon Nov 11, 2013 at 07:58:19 PM PST

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