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  •  Prolly in bed by now Chris (7+ / 0-)

    but this being Native American History month I am taking the opportunity with my elementary students to set the record straight with the entire school re: The Way Shit Went Down. Starting from A and going to Zed.

    In future you will know my students when you get them. They will be the ones that already know the real shit and answer before you can when people say stupid stuff.

    Even my Kinder students are clear now on why "Indian" is offensive and what people in the old pictures might have a reason to look pissed off and/or defiant.

    Also might have created some vegetarians with the discussion on "You all DO KNOW that when you eat meat it comes from a living animal that had to be killed, right?"

    stemming from the question "When you eat a hamburger do you pray and thank the cow for giving it's life so you can have sustenance?" in the discussion on buffalo.

    As to tonight's TC! Another win for excellent writing and thinking on Daily Kos, all around! And another to TopComments from Ben!

    Good night!

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