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  •  Exactly: "He does know now"... (7+ / 0-)

    Where does he go from here?  Now that the nature and the extent of the domestic and world-wide spying has become public knowledge, any claims of ignorance regarding the current and future actions of the Intelligence Community will not be credible.  

    The intelligence community historically has asserted the need to expand their activities.  "Stansfield Turner, a former head of the CIA, in 1986":

    ...We should soon be able to keep track of most activities on the surface of the earth, day or night, in good weather or bad... that electronic tracking – and the hubris that accompanies the possession of high technology – have always been part of the US Intelligence Community....
    The Congress and the Executive can't just hand the Intelligence Community $75 Billion yearly budget; that has had restrictions loosened and where the oversight process is lax--and expect that there won't be abuses.  

    Both Congress and the POTUS have oversight responsibilities.  

    ...United States Intelligence Community Oversight duties are shared by both the executive and legislative branches of the government. Oversight, in this case, is the supervision of intelligence agencies, and making them accountable for their actions. Generally oversight bodies look at the following general issues: following policymaker needs, the quality of analysis, operations, and legality of actions...

    The White House sets the national security and foreign affairs agenda. Congress and the judicial branch have affirmed the executive branch’s lead role for conducting national security affairs numerous times. Furthermore, the White House can limit congressional influence in the domain of national security and intelligence...

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