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View Diary: The Great Progressive Hope, Race, Ethnicity, and the Democratic Party (24 comments)

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    I have not seen real data, besides your conclusory assertions, that "millions of people want her to run."  Even if they did, if she does not want to, a position for which there is much evidence, what difference does it make?  Finally, the subect of this diary is the need to build a movement led, at least partially, by Latinos and African Americans.   How does a white liberal like Warren do that?  How does she win a primary based on white leftists progressive votes?  There really are not enough in the Dem Party to win.  

    The point of the diary is the need for Left Democrats to build a movement with Latinos and African Americans.  

    Join us on the Black Kos front porch to review news and views written from a black pov—everyone is welcome.

    by TomP on Tue Nov 12, 2013 at 10:31:43 AM PST

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