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View Diary: House Republicans prepare the next Obamacare repeal bill, in disguise (98 comments)

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  •  But single payer would do it through taxation (0+ / 0-)

    not shifting the cost of private insurance more heavily onto the middle class.  It's a great deal for the rich because the increase in premium is negligible to them.  They're not being taxed so we can provide better insurance for those who are poor or high risk.   Only the bottom of the middle class gets any subsidy at all so the people just at middle or above are the ones being hit.  Typical neo-liberalism.

    •  I think the rich would hate single payer. (0+ / 0-)

      Their are no premiums in single payer-premiums take the guise of taxes.

      The rich tax bill will go up as 1/2 of us pay no Federal Income Tax.   The math would indicate that they and/or the upper middle class would have to pay more taxes and or pay greater interest on the debt we would take on.  

      The rich would also have to wait for care since single payer systems typically ration care on a combination of utilization, costs, and medical need.   Most likely, they would lose access to many highly paid specialists.  No, these skilled people would be shared.   And because of utilization problems, most national health care systems limit extra private insurance.

      The well off would simply hate single payer.  

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