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View Diary: Senator Rand Paul Brought In By The FFEA* For Questioning About Plagiarism Allegations (n/t) (10 comments)

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    Empower Ink

    As I also did last cycle regarding the 2 instances then (ugh) I had suggested it was an inexperienced staffer and offered links with clues on proper citing, quoting etc... I looked through the email again today and found a paragraph from a ThinkProgress article.  

     From My email:

    Mr. Dunn served this country honorably and valiantly in Vietnam and deserves our full honor and respect for his service as well as his words.
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      ballerina X

      let them know that after witnessing Rand's plagiarism, it's more imperative than ever. Theft is theft. Stop doing it, and start making proper attributions. How can one trust a politician if his words are not his own, but he pretends they are?

      As the country saw with Rand, it wasn't just an isolated incident.

      Good luck. You honor Mr. Dunn with your eloquent words.  

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