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  •  I think it all helps (3+ / 0-)

    To prioritize your outlets for exposure, you can use a formula that compares estimated time spent on distribution/promotion vs. potential for direct sales (and return per sale).

    For example, setting up a profile on Good Reads doesn't take that long (maybe 1/2 hour), and may not result in direct book sales, but the information does get indexed and viewed, and it can rank high in search engine results. You can add lots of specific information unique to your book, so e.g. if someone remembers your characters' names, they can find the title.

    Publishing an ebook through the iTunes store can be a very time-consuming process (on the scale of days) and the market share for ebook sales there is pretty low. Amazon holds 60% of the market, and Apple is 3rd; Smashwords has 2nd largest share. Of course, any sales are good, but if I'm only making $1 per book, then it would take hundreds of sales (possibly years!) to recoup losses from spending even one day dinking around with it.

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