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  •  Ebooks vs tablets (4+ / 0-)

    I use Scriviner and Word 2010, so I can't speak from experience, but I think Word 2003 should be fine. Amazon recomments using .doc, .docx, or .html

    A Kindle book can be viewed on pretty much anything with a screen - computer, Kindle, iPad, smartphone, you name it. However, when I say Kindle (as in a device) I'm referring specifically to the Kindle e-reader (not Fire) which is essentially a book; you have a page and when you're done with it, it's erased and a new page is printed. So you can link to videos, but you couldn't embed them. Just be aware that someone using an e-reader won't be able to see the videos (someone reading the book using the Kindle software on another device could), so you'd want to include a list of short links at the end of the book for those users to retype on their computers.

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