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  •  Thanks for the Feederwatch session data. (11+ / 0-)

    That's a lot of birds. I'm absolutely astounded you were able to see 4 nuthatches at once. Way to go! They are so elusive around here, I'm lucky to see 1 at a time.

    I do like the codes too. I think as we use them more we'll get to know the local ones. I haven't found a local list yet, but I'm thinking I might just make one myself, with who I have seen. After all, I'm only up to 65 for the whole year in the yard.

    I got truly lucky yesterday with the Trumpeter Swans. I saw them on my way home, and then looked for them through binocs from the house. Just able to see their flash of white, in the spot where they were floating. yay! new yardbird. I went out later in the afternoon on my bike and they were gone.

    Kayaking in the current...that would be a death wish. I'm amazed even the seals and birds can manage, and they are so well adapted for it. No, watching from the shore is adventurous enough for me at that spot!

    Thanks Milly. I hope you're getting outside today in this unexpected sun? Supposed to be getting cold on saturday.

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