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View Diary: 3 Big Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President (356 comments)

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  •  Some points are valid, but most are terribly (6+ / 0-)

    skewed by outright false assertions, I feel.

    I've never been a big fan of Hillary Clinton when it comes to her economic policy positions and DNC-like "middle way" that seems to necessarily include militarism as an aspect of capitalism - even more overtly than what we see today.  But, she has better sides on cultural policy needs and can actually sound practical at times . . . despite being a boldly two-faced politician by habit.

    She didn't marry into power and has earned her status via actual work and her own political alignments.  As has been written about here, her positions and effort as Secretary of State have inspired disenfranchised women in other parts of the world to see possibilities that were not obvious, and she's taken the tough work (such as I/P) for the Administration and enabled a sea change in sociopolitical perception that has likely led to Kerry becoming more publicly bold on the USA's position of Netanyahu's lying thuggery - a position we could not have reached by a simple employee change.

    Sometimes, I read Rall opinions as purposefully forward because they are meant to incite reaction, as many artists would starve at the vine without something gaining attention.  Polarizing positions helps that happen and I've often found this contrarian play a bit forced, perhaps deeply embedded by years of the habit, to where I can't take these pieces as a whole very seriously - even though a point or three might be valid.  i.e., adding a whiff of truthiness always leads to debate and familiarity, even if your overall point might be intentionally divisive for eyeballs.

    "So, please stay where you are. Don't move and don't panic. Don't take off your shoes! Jobs is on the way."

    by wader on Wed Nov 13, 2013 at 08:40:05 AM PST

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