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View Diary: 3 Big Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President (356 comments)

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  •  Well, just taking your first five points: (7+ / 0-)

    1. Yeah, but hardly enough, and heavily weighted toward corporate bailouts as opposed to relief for individuals.
    2. So how's that Gitmo closure going? And while "enhanced interrogation techniques" seem indeed to be off the table, there's still plenty of stuff considered torture elsewhere in the world in the Field Manual.  That, and renditions are still on the table -- and why not just drone 'em anyway?
    3. Well, he sort of had to, if he were to honor the SOFA signed between the Dubya Bush Administration and Iraq.
    4. Umm, that's an accomplishment, and it was indeed something he campaigned on.  And I voted for him in spite of it.
    5. Yes, this is a genuine accomplishment, and from my perspective a welcome one besides (unlike no. 4).

    The rest of the list is also something of a grab bag.  Actually, as far as I'm concerned, the list gets better as it goes along, although some of the accomplishments are a bit meager (e.g., $780 million from UBS?  That's pocket change.  And viewed in the context of the Administration's record of prosecution of Wall Street misbehavior? . . . )

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