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View Diary: No, food stamps don't cause obesity (206 comments)

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  •  maybe you saved money by buying in bulk? (4+ / 0-)

    I am on SNAP and I am not eating well on my allotment. It may be because groceries are more expensive (large city) than other places.And I CANNOT buy in bulk which I bet you could do with many more mouths to feed.

    If I buy in bulk I cannot store it because I live in a small apartment. Also, my much smaller monthly allotment it is hard to save up to buy one-time expensive, but ultimately money saving, bulk items.

    You seem to be basically implying that people on SNAP are whiners or greedy or lazy if they can't buckle down and do what you did. There are a whole lot of reasons why many people might not be able to. We'd have to know you and your life well to perceive any strengths or advantages you may have that others may not.

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