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  •  On what basis do you assume $15/day Food Stamps? (2+ / 0-)

    Yes, somebody with adequate nutrition info, equipment, and time could reasonably create very nice meals for $15/day for 4 people.  But on what basis do you assume that a family of 4 on Food Stamps gets $15/day?

    $15/4 = 3.75/day per person
    $3.75/3meals = 1.25 per person per meal.

    Yes, nice meals with good nutrition can be prepared on that amount.  What is your basis for assuming that a Food Stamps family of four will have that much to spend?

    So, do you have a basis for your $15/day, or did you pull it out of your hat?

    •  Oh, wait: You told us your basis for $15/day (2+ / 0-)

      when you wrote --

      My experience was that I could feed my family for about $10 a day.
      . . .  $10 a day. That was my basis for suggesting it could be done for $15 a day
      So you extrapolated from your old experience and pulled the $15/day out of your hat in the sense that your $15/day does not relate in any way to what actual Food Stamp recipients receive.

      Thanks for helping me clear that up.

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