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  •  Re Governor Abercrombie bill signing today (6+ / 0-)

    I think Governor Neil Abercrombie did something really cool today when he signed the SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BILL INTO LAW today.

    Usually at these signings the signer will use many pens to sign the bill.  The Governor instead said that he was going to use one pen and give that pen to Retired Associate Justice of the Hawaii State Supreme Court Steven Levinson : Per the StarAdvertizer

    Abercrombie signed the bill into law today with a koa pen that he plans to give to retired state Supreme Court Justice Steven Levinson, who wrote the 1993 court ruling that held that denying marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples was a violation of equal protection under the state Constitution.

    Levinson's opinion on behalf of a splintered Hawaii Supreme Court cleared the way for the possibility that Hawaii could become the first state in the country to legalize same-sex marriages, a radical idea at the time. It produced a backlash nationally, with Congress in 1996 passing the Defense of Marriage Act that prohibited federal benefits from going to same-sex married couples.

    In Hawaii, the state Legislature adopted a measure in 1994 reserving marriage between a man and a woman; voters then passed an amendment in 1998 that states, "The Legislature shall have the power to reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples."

    A koa pen is just a pen made from koa wood.

    WATCH: Hawaii Gov. Signs Marriage Equality Bill(1:04 hr)

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