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View Diary: Which stores are open and which are closed on Thanksgiving? (117 comments)

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    Hospitals, fire and police, military, etc. MUST be open 24/7 in order to handle emergencies.  Family time and even religious observances have to yield to safety of life and property.  Example: circa 70 BCE, the Roman general Gnaeus Pompeius (Pompey) was besieging Jerusalem. he observed the peculiar custom of the Jews, of refraining from all kinds of work one day a week.  He attacked on the Sabbath and captured the city without a fight.

    The Jewish people learned from that, and more recently, in 1973, the surrounding Arab countries, led by Egypt, attacked Israel on the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur.  Israel's defense forces were ready, fought back, and took some Arab land before the Arab countries surrendered.

    And we know that the most heinous sneak attack in the 20th century was launched on the Christian Sabbath late in 1941 by Japan against Pearl Harbor, bringing the U.S. into World War II.

    So we know that threats to peace and safety can occur on any day of the week or any holiday; military attack, disasters, sickness, crime, etc.  But the "emergency" of running out of a food product or decoration on a holiday is not an emergency; much less the desire to go shopping for gifts to give on the next holiday, with four or five weeks to finish the job.  So there is no reason for stores not to close on holidays (except pharmacies, for emergency prescription refills; and store management figures that since that one department needs to be open, the rest of the store might as well be also).

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