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View Diary: Amazing what people at work will say about the ACA... (197 comments)

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  •  and yet, employers may do that (5+ / 0-)

    I don't normally post stuff from Avik Roy, Rmoney's healthcare advisor and very Fox-y, but perhaps this is happening.....Employers intentionally providing HIGHER premiums so that employees can go to the Exchanges.

    "Tax cuts for the 1% create jobs." -- Republicans, HAHAHA - in China

    by MartyM on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 07:39:22 AM PST

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    •  It's not uncommon for insurers (2+ / 0-)
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      Cordyc, smrichmond

      To threaten to drastically raise rates for as long as a company retains an "expensive" employee (for example, someone undergoing cancer treatment) - and by drastic, I mean add $1 mil to the policy for an 80 employee company.  If the company pays 50% of the premium, they're getting hit with a $500k increase if they don't find an excuse to let that employee go.

      In the past, the only option was to dump the employee. Now, there's the option to dump the insurance, instead, which in the worst-case penalty scenario (which won't apply to most), would save them $260k vs keeping the old insurance.

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