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  •  so you're concerned that the customer support (0+ / 0-)

    is not good?

    What are your suggestions to improve it?

    I was reading the blog yesterday and saw some pretty frustrated people who don't seem to be getting their questions answered.  I too was concerned.

    What I did was use the chat function and asked if they had anybody from customer support monitoring the blog.  The person said he didn't think so.  So I asked if he could get a suggestion to the project team to do so.  He said he would.

    Now, I don't know if that will result in any changes but at least I took some positive action instead of just complaining how awful it is.

    •  Less about customer support, (2+ / 0-)
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      Mr Robert, samddobermann

      more about whether the phone and paper options suffer from the same kinds of problems that the website suffers from, as apart from customer interaction.

      It's as Jack Pine Savage says below—I'm worried that the "overall capability of the process" is low. That in fact it's quite hard to go through the federal exchange no matter the avenue, whether web, paper, or phone.

      That the ACA will be hobbled as a result, depending as it does, on enrollments. And that's a bad thing.

      Suggestions? I'd almost argue for a consulting firm to be hired to come in and work on process flow and organizational management across the board. For example, the paper process is ridiculous:

      1. Get end user to spend much more time than is necessary
      2. Sustain the labor costs to re-enter a subset of the data by hand in a fraught and selective way into a known borked system
      3. Be unsure of how the paper application's result will actually be delivered to the end user

      The rep wasn't unsure about the fact that the paper app would be linked "by SSN to your account," but appeared to have no inkling of what this meant practically, as a matter of actually getting to the result on the user experience side of things.

      This is what worries me—that in fact this is the case and there's no specification or resulting clarity of implementation for this beyond "linked to SSN in the system," even though this is highly ambiguous and the actual result may be clearly impacted by multiple dependencies and contingencies of system use and behavior.

      I asked about training and a "suggestion box" to talk about training issues, but if the problems go beyond training, no amount of training will fix them.

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      by nobody at all on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 08:38:49 AM PST

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      •  did you ever fill out a paper application before? (1+ / 0-)
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        I did.  It was much worse with trying to fill out your entire medical history.

        Whenever paper is involved someone has to enter the information into a system.  That was no different than sending it directly to the insurer and having them enter it.  It's now being handled upstream and the insurer is getting it electronically.  Sure that electronic submission was not working well at first but they've focused on that and it's working better now.

        From what I've read from people actually filling out the paper application, you get snail mail to pick your plan.

        Now I agree that the phone support people should know the process.  That is a training failure if they don't.  Then again I've been on the phone support end and that's not an easy job either.  I would hope they have a support manual with Q&A's to help them.

        I think they should have a link on the home page to submit user issues that is being monitored by support.  It does seem to me that their end user support needs to be improved.  It's not just about filling out the application and picking a plan.  

        They also need people knowledgable about technical issues to help people getting javascript errors and other browser issues.  They have a few things on their blog but the only way I've found the blog was to type "blog" into the search.  

        I think they are so overwhelmed with focus on getting the website fixed that the end user support has been ignored.  They need to do both.

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