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View Diary: I'm sorry, Kos frontpagers, but the individual insurance Senate deal is crap... and you know it. (37 comments)

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  •  I respectfully disagree. If Dems had stood (1+ / 0-)
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    united and fought toe-to-toe FOR universal healthcare, instead of fighting toe-to-toe with Repubs to substitute a chickenshite GOP-reject InsuranceCompanyCare program (thanks Joe Lieberman, Max Baucus, Blanche Lincoln, et al) we COULD have had a much superior healthcare delivery system.  Dem infighting sank a more progressive health plan, imo, more so than the usual and expected Repub obstructionism.  Now, thanks to Mary Landrieu and her posse, we get round two of that blue dog, backstabbing crapola.

    Not to mention, IF President Obama had not cut a backroom deal to keep single payer completely out of the equation before the reform effort even began.  

    When opponents (Repubs) perceive one party  as wimps who can be rolled at every turn (Dems) and the wimpees (Dems) continually confirm and affirm that perception, Dems can expect to reap what we have sown, as in not voting at all or electing fair weather, blue dog conservadems and putting them in charge of major "progressive" policy initiatives.

    Better horses needed, indeed.  Talk about an understatement.

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