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View Diary: What a European conservative would never say (or even think)... (29 comments)

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  •  There are a lot of euphemists in the U.S. (5+ / 0-)

    They employ nice sounding words to hide their nasty thoughts. U.S. Cons are selfish people who want to be coddled and served by someone else while doing nothing of value in return.
    Wife beaters are a good example in that they not only expect to be served dinner, but the wife to serve as a punching bag whenever frustration rears its head. Punitive is the default mode. When they get selected for public office, where they expect to be paid for doing nothing, withholding punishment is presumably positive. Even austerity is a lesser negative, compared to the damage they could inflict.

    Much depends on our preconceived notions or, as the economists call them, assumptions. Economics, for example, is referred to as the "dismal science," because it presumes that men are created lazy and must be coerced (by being deprived of food) to work--a perspective that's entirely consistent with the expectations of the wife beater. Applying that term to an under garment aims to dissemble.

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