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View Diary: Democrats = Spineless Jellyfish on the ACA! (76 comments)

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  •  They are committing hari-kari by not being vocal (5+ / 0-)

    supporters of the law.  The "I passed this law but I didn't know what would happen" defense won't work well and Dems who use it will be decimated in 2014.  

    •  no matter what they say (1+ / 0-)
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      if the ACA turns out to be a clusterfukc is 2014, then those who passed it are an endangered species.

      reality will decide, not rhetoric.

      •  Rhetoric creates the reality we live in (2+ / 0-)
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        MKSinSA, CookyMonzta

        Most people complaining about the site don't even have to use it.  Politicians don't employ teams of PR staff for the fun of it.  PR and messaging work.  If reality decided what happens in this country, there wouldn't be any Republicans in office. Democrats lose the messaging war by focusing on their weaknesses rather than their successes.  

        •  that sounds more like (1+ / 0-)
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        •  But they failed to understand they needed a full (3+ / 0-)
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          burlydee, corvo, VClib

          scale marketing campaign for this and not for the PR and not for political reasons - simply to fully explain the product.  Sheesh, Shutterfly which I've never used, sent me a huge brochure on their web site offerings you know to encourage me to log on before that 12/25 deadline.  If Shutterfly understands the importance of direct mail, why didn't the administration?  They needed some heavy duty marketing expertise on the implementation team to figure how to market through multiple forms of media because the success of their product depends on enormous quantities of people signing up for it.  

          •  I totally agree. They failed on the execution (0+ / 0-)

            and marketing of the roll-out from the beginning.  If it sounds like I'm arguing in favor of the ACA, I'm not.  But I think its self-evident that poor messaging and a lack of committed vocal support from Dems will doom their 2014 chances, if not the program itself.  

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